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Cindytalk / Philippe Petit artwork

Cindytalk / Philippe Petit

Going into production in late July/August 2011, limited to 400 and featuring two incredible collaborative pieces by France’s prolific Philippe Petit and Cindytalk built around piano, electronics, voice and that kinda trans-dimensional murmur and crackle we already love both of them for. The first 60 will also include a special sound postcard. This represents the second entry in the Lumberton Trading Company series of six 12” or MLP releases that can still be subscribed to all the while the Glass Out 12" remains available from the label.

Some background info: Cindytalk has existed since the early 1980s and, helmed by founder Gordon Sharp, survivor of the original Scottish punk scene, ex-member of The Freeze and open transgender warrior, has swung from being a band to a solo concern and back again, depending on the demands of the circumstance. Debuting in 1984 with the album, Camouflage Heart, itself representing a break from Gordon’ s background via it being an excursion to more abstract sonic realms, Cindytalk has remained a going concern ever since. Despite a short break in releases between 1994 and 2003, Cindytalk have enjoyed renewed interest and activity in more recent years via the support of some highly sought-after album releases on Editions Mego and regular live performances in the UK and throughout Europe. This is not the first time Cindytalk has collaborated with LTCo founder Richo, either. In 1991, Cindytalk appeared on Richo’s other label, Fourth Dimension Records, with a song on a split-7” (featuring Splintered on the other side) issued with Grim Humour mag. It is good to work with Mr./Ms. Sharp again.

Philippe Petit, meanwhile, commenced his music career through the running of the highly respected Pandemonium Rdz. and BiP_HOp and issuing a CD single of his own work on it in 2004. Essentially a turntablist given to creating more adventurous soundworlds, he sometimes employs other instrumentation and in recent years has been found on a number of labels in collaboration with a number of eclectic artists including James Johnston, Lydia Lunch, K11 and Cosey Fanni Tutti. In what is partly LTCo’s concern in supporting certain contemporary artists whose work enters its own field of vision, it is good to see Mr. Petit land himself a place in our catalogue.

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